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03/15/2018  The BS/2 installed first ATMs in Latvia supporting contactless cards

In Riga, first Diebold Nixdorf ATMs for contactless cards were introduced. The project, carried out by BS/2 banking technologies for BlueOrange Bank, was an excellent example of the successful application of NFC technology in the financial sector.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless technology for a distance of no more than 10 centimeters. Although the maximum data-transfer distance with NFC is less than with the use of Bluetooth technology, for the banking technology this is rather a bonus, since the possibility of stealing data by scammers substantially narrowed.

The field of application of NFC-communication is very wide and includes modern services such as buying tickets, using electronic money, including solutions for mobile commerce and controlling access to various objects (offices, warehouses, transport).

The first five ATMs with special contactless card readers installed in Riga’s center: in the Old Town and the two Alfa and Spice malls. All ATMs are maintained by certified BS/2 Latvia engineers, which has been operating in the local market since 2000 as a subsidiary of the Penki Kontinentai Group.

“While choosing partners to implement the project and install the first contactless ATMs in Latvia, BlueOrange Bank considered the proposals of the most professional and experienced representatives of ATM’s business. Our choice was successful – as the service provider BS/2 has many years of experience and supplies a truly German quality for Diebold Nixdorf ATMs and delivers diverse support at the European level. In addition, our new partner acted as an operative, reliable consultant, able to take into account individual wishes. Therefore, the new BlueOrange ATMs have become not just a successful choice of our bank, but also the most advanced technological solution in the country. This allowed us to become one of the first banks in the Baltic countries to establish their own contactless ATMs with full functionality,” – says Egita Ermane, head of E-Commerce Office of BlueOrange Bank.

The key feature of the project is the additional ATM functionality available to the bank's clients. In Latvia, this innovative functionality is available for BlueOrange Bank customers who have contactless Visa and Mastercard bank cards.

"The process of withdrawing cash through contactless ATMs is becoming even simpler and more convenient. Such ATM supports all main functions: withdrawal and deposit of cash (where the ATM device itself allows), get the report on the last 10 transactions and obtain information on the card balance," – notes Egita Ermana.

It is very simple - to perform the operation, it is enough to bring the card near the ATM reader (contactless card reader) and select the service of interest.

For BS/2, the installation of contactless ATMs in Riga has become another opportunity to strengthen its position in the banking technology market and confirm the title of an innovative leader. "We are pleased to be able to further promote NFC technology. A couple of years ago, in one of the Estonian banks, we installed one of the first ATMs of this type in the Baltic States. However, within the framework of that project, only the function of withdrawing cash was realized, " –  said Gintaras Petkevicius, head of the technical support department at BS/2.

The apparent advantages of contactless ATMs are:

  • no need to get a card out of your wallet. Thus, it is impossible to forget the card in the ATM or lose it;
  • high level of cash withdrawal security. Attackers can not read information from the card or capture it physically with the help of special tools;
  • speeding up of the withdrawal procedure by reducing the number of actions required to authorize the customer.

By the way, you can throw away the fear associated with the hypothetical possibility of withdrawing funds from NFC-cards without the knowledge of the owners, because it has not any reason. Contactless transactions are protected by the same EMV standard as chip cards. At the terminal's request, the chip generates a one-time key every time. Theoretically, this key can be intercepted, but it will not be suitable for the next transaction. The reliability of the protection of contactless cards has been repeatedly questioned, but still to the expert community have not been presented any proven methods and scenarios of misappropriation of funds.

Thus, BlueOrange Bank made a significant request for optimization and security of its self-service channel, which should become a serious advantage in a very demanding and competitive market of banking services in Latvia.

BS/2 Latvia has 4 service centers in the country and serves more than 450 ATMs belonging to the largest financial institutions.

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