Romas Rimgaila

"Each personal win is also a win for your team."

CEO of Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras

Romas Rimgaila is the CEO of Penkių kontinentų komunikacijos centras, UAB (PKKC). His competences include budget planning, personnel management, and developing business strategies to ensure company profit and corporate visibility.

Romas joined the Penki Kontinentai Group in 2016.  The main projects that the PKKC team is responsible for include fiber optic internet services, telecommunications, and professional IT services on-demand. Romas’ team also carries out the vital task of sustaining the internal IT infrastructure of the Penki Kontinentai Group, making it possible for over 400 professionals to provide an array of high-quality services worldwide.

The leader of PKKC has been interested in technology since his childhood and pursued a career in radio engineering after graduating from the Kaunas polytechnic institute. His natural curiosity helped him develop a profound perspective and a holistic approach to problem-solving. At the same time, over 30 years of communication technology and management experience allows him to successfully govern and advance the company. He deeply cares about passing on his experience and leading his team by example. Romas attributes professional role models and proper leadership as being key in becoming the dedicated professional he is today and wishes to develop his people as such.

His impact

The initiatives Romas Rimgaila put forth since becoming the CEO of Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras have led to outstanding results. Minimizing the number of departments and restructuring internal communication significantly streamlined the workflow of PKKC.

Under Romas’ guidance, PKKC achieved the ambitious goal of deploying 10Gb/s internet – the fastest internet in Lithuania.

Approach to leadership

According to Romas Rimgaila, his main task is to create a solid and efficient company structure where specialists focus on what they do best. Quality is delivered when working in an environment that welcomes initiative and unites likeminded members towards a common goal. Equality and mutual respect are also very important for Romas. “From an early childhood I was taught that everyone is born equal,” – he says.