Kirill Ovsiannikov

"Only consistent cooperation can bring the expected result."

Deputy Director for Strategic Development of BS/2

Kirill Ovsiannikov is the Deputy Director for Strategic Development of Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2). His decisions help to achieve the set business goals and expand the geography of the company’s activities.


The company, represented by Kirill Ovsiannikov, is the largest in the Penki Kontinentai Group and has 7 subsidiaries in other countries. Kirill’s mission is to develop strategic directions, coordinate the implementation of projects in cooperation with clients and partners.

K. Ovsiannikov joined the Penki Kontinentai Group in 2017. He started his career as a Marketing Specialist, later was appointed Head of Marketing, and in November 2020, Head of Marketing. Over the years, Kirill has shown himself to be a responsible, ambitious, and hardworking leader. Thanks to the successful implementation of many projects, he was appointed to the position of Deputy General Director for Strategic Development.

Kirill’s secret of success lies in the fact that he listens to the expectations of partners and clients. In his opinion, only consistent cooperation can bring the expected result. Equally important is the belief in the product, its full understanding, and the ability to present it correctly to the clients.

Approach to leadership

According to K. Ovsiannikov, it is difficult to achieve a result without a team. The objective of the leader is to indicate the movement direction to achieve goals and help in their implementation. His main task is to unite and direct the efforts of different departments to one goal, to achieve synergy of their activities.