Who we are

Our philosophy


We strive to create cutting-edge innovations and new opportunities to provide more choices for all, thus improving the quality of lives.


Our vision is to create a diverse, yet stable future for our customers by developing products with long-term advantages in mind.


We value constant thirst for knowledge and reward the desire to share information. Equality, trust and mutual support keep us united and motivated in achieving our goals.

Our social responsibility activities


Flexi TV

In 2021 we introduced the new generation Android TV - Flexi TV, which works with any Internet provider and on all non-smart TVs.

MyTips electronic tips

In 2022 ASHBURN International has introduced “MyTips” as a new service option in Lithuanian restaurants.  Thanks to this feature, a service staff can receive tips directly to the card.  

10GB/s internet

In 2017 we became the first company in Lithuania to test 10GB/s internet.

Currency exchange via ATM

In 2016 we created the software solution FCX.iQ which enables the function of currency exchanges in ATMs.

EFTPOS terminal network management

In 2014 we launched the EFTPOS terminal management solution TransLink.iQ capable of managing EFTPOS terminal networks comprised of thousands of devices.

1GB/s internet

In 2012 we were able to offer our clients the fastest internet connection in Lithuania – 1 GB/s.

Proactive ATM monitoring

In 2002 we created the proactive ATM monitoring solution ATMeye.iQ which was awarded Lithuania’s “Product of the year” silver medal the same year.

Loft Town

2005 marked the development of the Loft Town residential estate, which became the first and the biggest loft complex in Eastern Europe.

Digital certificates

In 2005 Skaitmeninio sertifikavimo centras, UAB became the first Lithuanian institution to issue qualified digital certificates.

"Iki premija" loyalty program

In 2003 we deployed the loyalty program Iki premija which united the loyalty programs of several major shopping enterprises within a single card.

Pre-paid GSM

In 2002 we created a mobile pre-payment system that allows replenishing a mobile account in shopping centers.


In 2001 we deployed the first self-service insurance device in the Baltic states that would allow the issuance of driver social liability policies.


In 2001 we carried out the first live IPTV video broadcast in Lithuania.

Internet café

In 1999 we opened the first internet cafés in Lithuania.


In 1999 during the international exhibition Cebit 99 the digital media platform press.lt was acclaimed as the best internet project in Europe.

Fiber-optic internet

In 1998 we were the first to build fiber-optic internet networks in Lithuania.


In 1996 we created search.lt, the first search engine in Lithuania, which was awarded ‘Grand Prix’ in the Lithuanian WWW championship of 1999.