Tomas Augucevičius

"Being a leader means that your team trusts your judgment."

Deputy Director of BS/2

Tomas Augucevičius is the Deputy Director and Board Member of Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos, UAB (BS/2) and the Board Member of Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras (PKKC), UAB. He is responsible for coordinating intradepartmental activities. His decisions help the company reach its goals, expand, and return profit.

The banking technologies company BS/2 that he manages is the biggest company of Penki Kontinentai Group. Tomas also puts major effort into promoting the development of the 7 subsidiaries that BS/2 has established over the years. As he explains, to see the company expand and be successful in different regions around the world is very rewarding, as it shows that your services are in demand, that your work is required and being appreciated.

Tomas Augucevičius first joined the Penki Kontinentai Group in 2007 when he applied for an internship, and later got employed in sales at PKKC. In 2009 he was transferred to the sales department of BS/2 and successfully climbed the corporate ladder to become the Deputy Director in 2013.

When asked about his secret of success, Tomas explains that in order to achieve remarkable results, one needs to love their job. At the same time, being a leader means building strong co-worker relationships, and becoming an authority through sharing expertise. Lastly, one should never give up, and when put in a state of adversity, one should trust their judgment and not be afraid to use methods that no one used before.

In his time away from work Tomas enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures. As he explains, traveling broadens one’s horizons, develops perspective and insight. Learning about foreign cultures lets you understand other people better and provides valuable experience that may come unexpectedly helpful in everyday life.

Approach to leadership

A good leader, according to Tomas, is someone who helps bring out the best in people, who helps their subordinates show their talents and realize their potential by enabling them to do what they do best. For Tomas it is also vital to share his experience and help integrate new people, teaching them to make independent decisions.

Finally, Tomas takes personal responsibility in establishing a friendly work environment, as worker sincerity is very important to him: “the open-heartedness of my colleagues is something I highly appreciate. I enjoy working with people who feel free to seek advice, who smile and make jokes.”