Auksė Glavinskienė

"Creativity and ambition drive us forward."

Head of administration of the Penki kontinentai group

Her responsibilities include defining and implementing administrative policies and procedures, developing a motivation system for employees, coordinating and monitoring the processes and projects of the administrations of all enterprises of the Penki kontinentai group, ensuring informative communication between management and employees, and evaluating employees’ work.


Aukse Glavinskiene joined the Penki kontinentai group of companies in the autumn of 2019. Under her leadership, many HR processes were automated, manual work was reduced, and all HR reports are displayed in a modern analytical platform. Constant and effective communication between the administrations of all group companies is ensured, which successfully exchanges valuable work experience. The principles and processes of activity of all administrations are aligned. For employees of companies operating in other countries, internships and training were organized at the central office in Vilnius. Various employee motivation measures have been successfully implemented.

“Penki kontinentai is an international group of companies that employs people of different nationalities, cultures, and views. Our task is to find an individual approach to each of them so that everyone feels valued, strives to share their ideas, and achieve their goals. We are committed to creating a motivating work environment and an open communication culture to contribute to the growth and success of the organization jointly,” says the head of administration.

According to her, the company’s success largely depends on employees’ values, ability to flexibly adapt to changing conditions, take responsibility, and be guided by honesty, ethics, sustainability, and professionalism.